I’ve been working with Moonshiners for years now and the results have been in. My work in the distillery and moonshiner industry is second to none. I am extremely versatile, meaning I do all things web and online related including websites, SEO, public relations, marketing, social media, photos, videos, posts, campaigns; and if you have seen the value of my event coverage, you will want me at every one of your events from here on out. I don’t play around when it comes to strategy and building my client’s brand and business. Stop allowing untrained and unsocial people to control your brand representation. Get with me, fly me to you, whatever you gotta do, let’s get her done!

Some of you have been struggling for years with your website and social media efforts. Now is the time to stand up for yourself, your brand, and your business by working with me for 90 days to start so we can build an initial relationship and so I can show you exactly what I do for you. From there, we can come up with a master plan for all of your website, marketing and social media needs.

Where’s the proof? In the past two years I have brought Moonshiner Tim Smith’s social media from zero to hero. A big company out on the west coast was running his platforms and not getting anything significantly accomplished. Lots of money spent and lost with that crowd. Then I single-handedly took it over and finally made Tim actually social, and then more relevant again. After that, I built a few websites, like the Moonshiner Gary one that you are reading this blog post on right now, and Moonshiner Howard’s website, then Master Distiller Big Nick’s website, and I also did a website for a small local distillery in Hendersonville NC named M & T Distilling. Boom! It’s not that complicated with the right person behind the wheel. Me.

As G Social Media, I help businesses across the board, many industries such as this Rock Steady Boxing movement to fight Parkinson’s disease. My work has made restaurants grow beyond their capacity, food trucks launch a strong and successful brand, and I’ve even helped ministries grow tremendously. I was the key factor when an Architect won 1st Place in the International Free Green home design competition years ago using social media; and just last month I helped a client friend win a Global content for her rescue Possum. I’m a true creative, I make good things happen, and I want to do the same for you and your company. Let’s talk!