Have you ever heard of bad business? Well you can find it in just about any industry in the world without looking too far. In the Moonshine and Distillery world, it is definitely no different. I have been personally taking notes for the past few years, I have a true crew written on one list, and the untrue crew on another. I run a tight ship. I’m not saying that just because some of these folks hate and fake on me, that they can’t be true to you, but we live by consistency and should expect the same all around. Two-faced people and backbiters beware. I heard a saying long ago that “the only dog that gets mad is the dog that gets hit,” so if one or more of my points below make you mad, I’ve done my job and you need help. Here are 10 Types of Folks in the Moonshiner & Distillery Industry that I refuse to work with:

  1. The Isolationist – These are the folks that think that it is all about them, go out of their way not to connect or support other businesses in the industry. They may have a product, or not, but they are loners, which is good sometimes, but not when you are attempting to grow your brand and business. What’s more dangerous is when an isolationist represents your business, especially online. They will isolate you from potential friends, fans, contacts, and opportunity; and you will never know it because they are supposedly handling your social media. They bring their personality, usually none or a bad one, and that is exactly how people see your company. Don’t isolate or allow others to isolate you and your brand.
  2. The Gossiper – They always have something negative to say about someone else, and never have any good news. Remember that old saying “gossip like a girl?” Well Run DMC remixed a 1960 song by Joe Jones in 1985 and used that term attacking gossip. Well that time has passed, and men have joined the gossip club. Gossipers hunt for information that they could use to disparage and destroy another. When they cannot find any, making up stories or planting a questionable seed is another option. They have no code of ethics and love to put a little bug in your ear about someone else. Let’s spend more time making shine and building relations, instead of hating on others, lifting yourself up, and hurting the industry.
  3. The Gatekeeper – Do you remember when you could not get through to the main person at a distillery, or felt like that Moonshiner you needed to talk to was ignoring you? Sometimes it may be the lack of communication skills or the time to answer; but many times you are dealing with a toxic gatekeeper. These folks can be a secretary, office manager, or another employee who is trying to block you from getting in touch with the main decision maker, so they can remain in a false sense of power. They are usually unsocial by nature and will never let you get close to them or their superiors, in fear that they may like you, and maybe even more than they like their gatekeeper.
  4. The Agenda Pusher – These are folks that work in the moonshine and distillery industry who are using the companies they work for to push their own agenda. It’s a sad shame to watch several companies allow their employees to destroy their brand by pushing a leftist or rightist agenda. I’ve seen distilleries posting LGBTQ rainbows on their brand’s social media platforms, actually thinking that they are going to increase their business by doing so. This is not the case as the majority will now avoid them because they not only pushed an agenda by not sticking to the basics… selling moonshine and whiskey; but they also tried to pull their customers and audience into it. They claim to be WOKE, but the companies they represent needs to wake the hell up and fire them before they destroy your brand and business over their own personal issues, thus hurting the industry overall.
  5. The Manager – Company managers are notorious for holding businesses back. They are scared to death that it may get bigger than them, and that they would become irrelevant. Managers maintain things, leaders change things. Managers follow policy, leaders create policy. Managers focus on the bottom line, leaders focus on the horizon. Managers keep traditions, leaders break them! Be a leader, not an overpowering ass.
  6. The Marketer – Now there is nobody that will stop your business from growing more than the marketing team that you have put in place. Unfortunately most marketers nowadays will stop you from many opportunities that could have come your way. They see any other promoters and supporters as their competition, and will not co-support you back even if you are helping their client. As soon as someone mentions someone else’s great content, or an incredible campaign, they will shut you out and pretend that you don’t exist. These marketers, event promoters, and creatives are insecure, selfish, and have held the moonshine and distillery industry back for so many years. Don’t put up with it for another minute.
  7. The Deceiver – I’ve been in business long enough to know that the “small print” is always worth reading. When distilleries stoop so low that they trick and deceive moonshiners and distillers into signing unfair product and representation contracts, this is bad business to the core. Honesty, transparency, and a reputation that shows it is a huge part of building a successful company. You don’t get there by tricking a farmer or a moonshiner into signing a contract that is not in their best interest. Be careful of what you sign and who you sign with.
  8. The Opportunity Killer – Do you know how many moonshiners and master distillers have been held back by their family, by their friends, by their distilleries, by the same people that they trusted and believed in to help grow their life, brand & business? Just about all of them. Yes, sometimes their team just don’t have the skills, and in this case, they need to find someone who does, and then co-support their work, not micromanaging them and beat them down for doing more than your skill level could produce. The opportunity murderer will kill you just to prove they are right, even though they are so wrong, with no thought about their end client or the business that they are supposed to be representing.
  9. The Virtue Signaler – They always talk about the good work that they are doing, while ignoring the work that you do. They clap for strangers but frown on their own team. They promote ideals that make them seem superior, to cover up their abusive nature. They think they are God’s gift to humanity, but in their hearts, they are the lowest of the low. They expect everyone to Like, Comment, and Share their posts, but disappear when you post something meaningful. Meet them one time, and if they open their mouths, you will surely know how and who they are. At this point in my life, I can see it right through their online personality, and unfortunately even see their signaling through their client’s brand and posts.
  10. The Fake Shiner – Fakes in the industry allow us to shine brighter, but make no mistake about it, they hurt the industry much more than helping. I have started a list detailing what I was told about some people, who told it, what I have witnessed, and what I have determined to be valid, if it’s even that important to consider. Believe me, I learned not to take any gossip as gospel. People lie too easily nowadays. Hell I even made a list of the folks that are seemingly keeping the moonshine and distillery industry scattered and in paralysis for one reason or another. God help their wretched souls lol.

Now that you have the 10 Types of Folks in the Moonshine & Distillery Industry that I refuse to work with, please know that we have hundreds of other types of people that are incredible, fair, and supportive of the real deal. Let’s work together to make all of our moonshine and distillery dreams come true. I’m ready! Are you?