Moonshine Run Annual Event

Come To The Moonshine Run
Join Richard Petty, the Petty Family Foundation, and a bunch of Moonshiners including Kelly Williamson, JB Rader, Tim Smith, Mark & Digger, JT Rye, Josh, Howard, Matthew, DJ, Big Mike and many others in Eastern Tennessee! Make plans for next year, the date will be revealed soon and you need to get this event on your calendars ASAP! See you there!!!

Meet & Greet
At this event, there are usually two opportunities to meet the Moonshiners and Richard Petty, and that is before & after the run.

Food, Drink, Music
We make a couple of great stops during the Moonshine Run and live music is definitely a part of it. Food and drinks are available too.

Sales & Signings
Many of the Moonshiners bring their swag to this event, so you can purchase a t-shirt or a hat, and get it signed on the spot!

Moonshine Run
Cosby Tennessee
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