Hillbilly Jam Annual Event in Maggie Valley NC

Come To The Hillbilly Jam
Join Queen Becky as she makes this amazing event happen again and again each and every year! If you have never been to the Hillbilly Jam, you need to. And if you have been here, you know already that you must come back! We are so excited about 2024 as it will be a 3 day event instead of just 2 days. The official dates are July 26-28 and you so need to be here with us..

Meet & Greet
At the Hillbilly Jam, you can expect to see and meet a few dozen Moonshiners easily. Some of them have been on TV, some not, but all the real is right here. I attended the 2023 Hillbilly Jam with Moonshiner Amanda, Howard, DJ, and Big Mike; and we had such a great time. Thank you Becks and Hillbilly Jam!

Food, Drink, Music
There is a whole section at the Hillbilly Jam dedicated to food trucks and catering; and it’s really delicious! I hate going to events with sub-par food, but this was the real. Yum and thank you! As far as music, it’s non-stop. This is a great festival to hang all day!

Sales & Signings
Many Moonshiners will bring all of their swag to this event, so you can purchase it and get it signed on the spot! So many great vendors such as Hillbilly Nation featuring products, keepsakes, and swag!

Hillbilly Jam
Maggie Valley North Carolina
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