Bootleggers Run Annual Event

Come To The Bootleggers Run
Join Richard Petty, the Petty Family Foundation, and a bunch of Moonshiners including Tim Smtih, JT Rye, Josh, Howard, Tony, Matthew, Crazy Churck and many others! This year, we even had a Jeep crew join us. So make plans for next year, the date will be revealed soon and you need to get this event on your calendars ASAP!

Meet & Greet
At this event, there are usually two opportunities to meet the Moonshiners and Richard Petty, and that is before & after the run.

Food, Drink, Music
We make a couple of great stops during the Bootleggers Run and live music is definitely a part of it. Food and drinks are available too.

Sales & Signings
Many of the Moonshiners bring their swag to this event, so you can purchase a t-shirt or a hat, and get it signed on the spot!

Bootleggers Run
Burlington North Carolina
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