Belmont Farm Distillery Annual Grand Opening Celebration

Come See Belmont Farm Distillery
The Annual Celebration at Belmont Farm Distillery is second to none. We invite you to come out and spend the day on the farm, at the distillery, and having a great time! They have not released their 2024 dates yet, but when they do, we will quickly post the event schedule here. It should be around the 1st weekend in April, so please keep that in mind because you do not want to miss this!

Meet & Greet
Each and every year, a bunch of Moonshiners show up here at Belmont Farm Distillery to meet and greet the folks coming to celebrate with us!

Food, Drink, Music
Hungry & thirsty? There is always food available at this event, plus non-alcoholic drinks, and cocktails with moonshine or whiskey.

Bottle Sales & Signings
All of the spirits produced at Belmont Farm Distillery are available for purchase at this grand event. Plus, you can get your bottle signed by the Moonshiners!

Belmont Farm Distillery
Culpeper Virginia
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